When addressing a system’s technical framework relative to a client’s requirements and specifications, MAT employs a set of conventions, rules, and standards in designing or integrating the various hardware, software, and network components. MAT will then develop an overall implementation solution plan, then technically lead implementation installation, customization, and integration efforts. As a final step, MAT provides the expertise to identify and translate system requirements into software design documentation. MAT develops proven, scalable solutions that meet the needs of our clients IT infrastructure. We provide an effective assessment of IT infrastructure for servers and storage platforms, along with a general network assessment. We help our clients understand gaps in their environment and then recommend how to achieve an increased return from their existing resources and investments. Our experienced System Architects develop a high-level design architecture and help expand knowledge and capabilities for our clients. MAT System Architects are experienced, trained, and certified in the latest system architecture and virtualization technologies. MAT designs, develops and deploys systems and solutions and provides the training and knowledge transfer to ensure success.

System Architecture and Design services include:

 Defining project, user requirements, and system requirements

 Developing server infrastructure design

 Developing IT Infrastructure rollout and migration plans

 Addressing physical server to virtual machine migration

 Considering physical and logical topologies, scalability, security, and redundancy

 Developing IT Infrastructure configuration and installation procedures

 Developing IT Infrastructure test and validation plans demonstrating proper functionality and performance of system components

 Assessing operational goals such as failover and backup, and high-level goals such as server consolidation

 Recommending features and functions, software versions and configurations, and provisioning architecture and design


System Architecture