With a rich history, lean business practices, and extensive past performance, MAT has proven experience in the engineering and management of complex information management systems. We understand the discipline and knowledge it takes to create world-class solutions for those who demand quality. We help our customers improve their operations through innovative technology solutions and quality service. The following projects are examples of our proven performance.


PBUSE Logo_Red_White-01A major component of Army logistics, PBUSE provides full accountability of the entire retail equipment inventory and automates mission critical information. MAT provides Program Management, Help Desk support, and technical services to include systems modernization and application development for this web-based platform. MAT provides technical solutions, which includes sustainment, systems modernization, and product enhancements for PBUSE,  a major component of U.S. Army logistic operations providing full accountability of property and asset visibility. The PBUSE contract was awarded to MAT as the subcontractor to LEIDOS by ACC-APG to support the Software Engineering Center (SEC‐Lee). MAT provides technical solutions, which include sustainment, systems modernization, and product enhancements. As the Army’s first web‐based logistics solution, PBUSE manages and provides real‐time status of assets valued at more than $212 billion. PBUSE supports approximately 40,478 Active Army, Army Reserve, and National Guard users. Averaging 34,750 daily transactions, the system transfers massive amounts of data on a continuous basis and requires fully integrated computing, storage, and networking components for high availability.

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Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS) supports over 800 AFMIS logo-01-01U.S. Army dining facilities worldwide and ensures operational and supply chain consistency for soldier subsistence. The virtualized, web-based platform manages the day-to-day operations for tasks such menu planning, stock control, replenishment, and food quality. First fielded in 1989, the AFMIS is operational at 53 Army installations throughout the world, U.S. Army Reserve centers and Army National Guard armories. AFMIS provides automation support of menu planning, meal production, ordering and receipting food, financial accounting, headcount and capital asset reporting, inventory control, contract quality assurance, and personnel accountability.

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Standard Army Ammunition System Modernization (SAAS‐MOD) automates and integrates ammunition management functions between the combat user, storage sites, and theater managers for planning during deployment, redeployment, reconstitution, retrograde, and airland operations. MAT provides Post Production Software Support (PPSS) including requirements analysis, configuration management, software programming, software coding, testing, security, training, documentation, fielding support and customer assistance for SAAS-MOD. This includes database management, system administration, and interface design for interoperability.We provide technical expertise to develop, update and maintain the utilization of Automated Identification Technology (AIT), radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and readers in support of In Transit Visibility (ITV).

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McLane Advanced Technologies (MAT) was awarded a subcontract through Adams Communications & Engineering Technology  to provide functional and technical services; software engineering, maintenance, and support; analytical and program management services; helpdesk support; and classroom and web-based training. The solutions and services encompass a variety of Department of Defense (DoD) contracting, financial, personnel, and official reporting systems. The contract was awarded by the Software Engineering Center (SEC) Enterprise Information Systems Directorate (EISD) located at Fort Lee, Virginia.


SAMSE logo_white_Without writing-01McLane Advanced Technologies (MAT) is the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) for the Standard Army Maintenance System – Enhanced (SAMS-E), which is a single system that allows the U.S. Army to manage over 1 million vehicle and repair parts at a very high rate of readiness. As Program Manager from 2004 to 2013, fielding SAMS-E to the Army was a project extensive in size, scope, and complexity–encompassing over 20,000 systems worldwide in all levels of Army maintenance. In addition to the technology infrastructure integration and modernization, MAT has trained over 27,669 Soldiers for deployment. As the developer of SAMS-E and Program Manager for other U.S. Army logistics systems, MAT is subject matter experts in complex information management systems resulting in substantial global training and technical support capabilities.

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Standard Army Retail Supply System Level 1 (SARSS‐1) is a real‐time, transaction oriented supply management system deployed at Supply Support Activities (SSA) for interactive data entry, retrieval, and updates to warehouse stockage. The Corps level SARSS‐2AC is designed to accomplish the time‐sensitive functions such as referrals, local procurement, and management of controlled items. The Corps level SARSS‐2B is designed to accomplish management of non‐time‐sensitive functions of supply cataloging, document history, demand analysis, financial interfaces, and quarterly stratification. As with SAAS-MOD,  MAT provides Post Production Software Support (PPSS) including requirements analysis, configuration management, software programming, software coding, testing, security, training, documentation, functional support and customer assistance for the SARSS suite. We currently support the GCSS-Army Program’s Wave 1 fielding initiatives to replaces SARSS at the Supply Support Activities (SSA).


The United States Army is a key element of the United States Armed Forces that is responsible for land-based military operations. The Standard Army Management Information Systems (STAMIS) is critical for the management of maintenance, supply, and property within the Active, Reserve and National Guard Components of the Army. STAMIS encompasses the Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced (SAMS-E), Standard Army Retail Supply System (SARSS), and Property Book Unit Supply Enhanced (PBUSE). These systems provide the Soldiers new capabilities to execute their missions with a higher level of proficiency and effectiveness. As updates to these systems develop, it is important that Soldiers are briefed and trained on new systems.

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MMS is based on SAMS-E and was commercialized for use by DoD MMS logo-01-01Contractors. This is helpful for companies who must adhere to the Army’s specific requirements, such as the management of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) non-standard items. Parts can be requisitioned through your source of supply or commercial vendors. Although McLane MMS was developed from SAMS-E, the system is designed for greater flexibility and growth. MMS communicates and transfers information to other systems, as well.  This capability can be expanded to non-DoD systems programs. MMS can be altered to meet specific customer requirements and works in a standalone Windows environment, a networked Windows environment, and a web-enabled Citrix environment.

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The Texas Veterans Commission (TVC) is the State of Texas agency TVC_logo_whiteresponsible for providing services to the state’s 1.7 million veterans and their families. TVC assists veteran families with disability claims, counseling, filing for VA compensation, employment and job seeker assistance, education benefits, and locating community services. The TVC employs more than 320 individuals located in 110 offices throughout Texas. Leading the nation with veteran’s benefit assistance, the TVC helped recover more than $1.8 billion in payments to veterans in 2009.

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MAT provided program support, ERP SME support, data migration, SAP Business Intelligence / Business Warehousing (BI/BW) implementation, and financial systems analysis for GCSS-Army. Program support includes assistance with operational planning, scheduling, coordination, and execution of missions. The data migration task encompasses conversion preparation and system administration to ensure any issues with the data conversion site or hardware is provided to the customer. Comprehensive troubleshooting support is also provided to resolve database conflicts during data conversion. Other data migration tasks include, collecting historical data files for archiving and initial system configuration, supervising other subcontractors and independent consultants supporting the fielding initiative, providing Over-the-Shoulder (OTS) support coordinating solutions with other contractors, government employees and customers for training, networking, hardware or software issues.

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ACBIS is a Web-based business intelligence (BI) system that provides the capability to analyze data using standard reports or ad hoc queries. ACBIS provides users with near-real-time operational contract data depicted as business information and cross-indexed to other data sources. ACBIS interfaces with contract writing software, legacy personnel systems, and financial systems. McLane Advanced Technologies (MAT) has been providing business consulting and product development/sustainment support to SEC since 2005. Areas of support include testing, client consulting, end-user support, training, information assurance (IA), IT services support, operations support, quality improvement, and program and project management support. ACBIS was developed by to interface with legacy personnel and financial systems, as well as provide the capability to link to other web-based management information systems. ACBIS was designed to share and exchange key management information vertically and horizontally between and among the Army contracting agency headquarters, the regional headquarters, outside the continental United States (OCONUS) contracting commands, and other external agencies/commands using commercially available web browsers.

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