The Standard Army Ammunition System – Modernization (SAAS-MOD) automates and integrates ammunition management functions between the combat user, storage sites, and theater managers for planning during deployment, redeployment, reconstitution, retrograde, and airland operations. SAAS provides automation for Theater Army Material Management Center (TAMMC), CORPS Material Management Center (CMMC), Ammunition Supply Points (ASPs), Brigade Ammunition Offices, and Ammunition Transfer Holding Points (ATHPs) using servers, workstations and laptops. SAAS leverages Automatic Information Technology (AIT), Radio-frequency identification (RFID to report departure of shipments from shipping location and arrival of shipment at the receiving location to the In-Transit Visibility (ITV) server. 650+ users access systems daily, 250 Systems fielded, 203 global sites, 550 application and databases fixes 700+ handheld devices deployed.

Support Services 

The support services provided include, but are not limited to: SAAS Technical Support, Functional and Subject Matter Expert Support, Customer Support, Training Support, Administrative Support, Testing and Evaluation Support, Configuration Management, Validation & Verification, Cyber Security and Information Assurance, Miscellaneous Support, and System Enhancements. The work requirements include activities related to project management, quality assurance, configuration management, technical research and analysis, system documentation, database administration, and operation and maintenance.  Additionally, PPSS includes software maintenance on existing software, incorporation of software changes/fixes required by Department of Defense (DoD)/DA policies and regulations and the user community, providing hardware upgrades and software testing to ensure successful completion of the requirements, and providing documentation updates in accordance with applicable changes.  Comply and keep current with the appropriate DoD, Services, and Army architectures, programs, policies, standards and guidelines (e.g., Security Technical Implementation Guide, Net-Centric Enterprise Services, and Defense and Information Systems Network).


SAAS is the current retail ammunition management system for the Army in support of deployed and garrison operations world-wide. Currently, SAAS SCP 10 is the fielded baseline software and is configured as a client server architecture. SAAS SCP 11 is a web-based architecture currently under deployment to the field. Upon completion, total support for this contract will be in relation to SCP 11. The implemented and fielded software/system continues to support its original operational mission and subsequent mission modifications mandated by DoD/DA and product improvement efforts. The PL LIS and the SAAS program are a part of the Program Executive Office-Enterprise Information Systems (PEO-EIS) family of legacy logistics Army Information Management Systems.