Business Intelligence tools offer many advantages to government agencies such as dashboard creation, custom reporting and analytics.  But these tools can be costly to procure and implement. Business Intelligence and Analytics offerings from Microsoft, SAP, Oracle, IBM and others leverage existing technology investments to develop integrated reporting and analytics that enable users to gain access to accurate, up-to-date information for better decision making. MAT’s use of business intelligence tools and technologies enable our clients to expand their business intelligence capabilities with minimal investment.




Most DOD and government agencies currently have access to Business Intelligence and Analytics tools through their implementations of Microsoft SharePoint and SQL Server, resulting in the ability to take advantage of industry leading business intelligence capabilities at a lower cost than competing products that require the purchase of new software or new licenses. MAT is experienced at implementing government approved business intelligence and analytics tools that seamlessly integrate into current architectures and application solutions. In addition, many of these tools can be configured by users, enabling self-service and reducing the need for contractor assistance when modifying reporting needs. MAT and Microsoft BI tools enable agencies to benefit from faster and improved decision making with minimal cost. MAT has the experience and know-how to address our client’s business issues such as:


  • Operational Intelligence: enabling, effective sensing, monitoring, management and analysis
  • Business Performance Management (BPM): making critical decisions in business-as-usual, risk events and opportunities
  • Risk/Compliance: monitoring regulatory compliance and risk across divisions and geographies
  • Threat/Fraud Detection: predict, mitigate or reduce potentially destructive results
  • Client Analytics: managing prospects and customer relationships through the entire lifecycle
  • Workforce productivity: measuring and monitoring workforce utilization and effectiveness to improve productivity
  • Data Management/Warehousing/OLAP
  • Data Quality/Data Profiling/ETL
  • BI Package Evaluation & Selection
  • BI Strategy Development
  • BI Application Architecture



As part of the delivery of Business Intelligence and Analytics services, MAT relies on data accessed through Business Intelligence (BI) tools.  BI tools consist of various tools built as components of ERP systems such as SAP’s Business Objects, Oracle’s OBIEE and IBM’s Cognos BI tools or stand-alone tools or suites of tools such as Microsoft or MicroStrategy BI tools targeted to a specific industry.


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