AFMIS is the management information system for the Army food program used in every Army dining facility.  AFMIS assists leaders to manage the >4-billion dollar per year food program that allows Soldiers to feed Soldiers.  The government-owned, government-operated system provides the following:

   An electronic interface to the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) subsistence supply chain

   Information management for dining facility meal planning and equipment replacement

   Data to budget and program future requirements

Worldwide Footprint 

Army Food Management Information System (AFMIS) supports over 800 U.S. Army dining facilities worldwide and ensures operational and supply chain consistency for soldier subsistence.  The virtualized, web-based platform manages the day-to-day operations for tasks such menu planning, stock control, replenishment, and food quality. First fielded in 1989, the AFMIS is operational at 53 Army installations throughout the world, U.S. Army Reserve centers and Army National Guard armories. AFMIS provides automation support of menu planning, meal production, ordering and receipting food, financial accounting, headcount and capital asset reporting, inventory control, contract quality assurance, and personnel accountability.

Countless Opportunities 

AFMIS interfaces with the Subsistence Total Order and Receipt System and the Defense Finance Accounting Service to provide financial accountability of Army food inventories.  AFMIS includes an automated headcount service which allows for diner entitlement verification and payroll deduction for meals via the common access ID card.  AFMIS is also operational in about 500 Active Army dining facilities and at about 1,700 Army Reserve and National Guard units.  AFMIS includes a decision support system (DSS) available to food program managers and logisticians at all levels of Command.


MAT was awarded a subcontract by SAWTST, LLC in support of the Software Engineering Center (SEC‐Lee).  The collaboration consists of software engineering and technical services to include:


   Information assurance certification

   Quality improvement

   Customer assistance